About Us

GCAA offers both Hindustani and Carnatic classical music and Kuchipudi Dance.  Our goal is to spread and promote rich cultural heritage of India.  GCAA encourages everyone who would like to learn and pursue Indian music and dance.

GCAA has the experienced teachers and a dynamic curriculum which is comprehensive and compatible with the needs of students who not only desire to study music, but also build a career in music. We help the students to develop one goal, one vision, adapt with the global music.

GCAA provides you with a greatest opportunity to explore your dreams and help them come true. GCAA also encourages those who would like to further develop their skills.


  • Qualified and Experienced faculty members
  • Lessons for music lovers and for those who want to fulfill their desire/hobby
  • Online and instructor led courses are offered for beginners, intermediate, and advanced that includes introduction, music theory, techniques, music reading, and improvisation techniques

Mission of GCAA

To propagate, educate, train and inspire those to achieve their musical interest in the rich musical heritage of India: Carnatic and Hindustani. GCAA is committed to provide the highest standards of musicianship by working with highly skilled and experienced faculty, combining innovative, intensive, and with a solid foundation in his or her musical discipline to meet the goals of our students.


Vision of GCAA

  • To meet the highest standards of music and dance heritage of India: Hindustani and Carnatic
  • To establish GCAA as one of the premier music and dance school in Texas region
  • To educate and spread the rich heritage of Indian classical music

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Monday - Sunday

10am - 7pm

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